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Oct 1, 2012 - How to enjoy a bus ride

So you have to take a bus to visit your aunt in Florida and you live a good 12 hours away. Before you groan about the long ride, there are ways to make the trip much more comfortable. Long bus rides can be an enjoyable experience if you take the proper precautions. Here’s how:

1.If the drive is long, find out if there will be breaks along the way. If you’re the type who just wants to nap most of the way, choose one with less breaks, while if you’re up for seeing different sights then choose the ones with enough stops to keep it interesting for you.

2.Choose a reputable bus company with a great safety record. Ask your family and friends for references.

3.Air-conditioning is a must. Make sure that you get to sit somewhere where you can adjust the temperature or turn it off if it gets too cold.

4.Toilets. You will have to go at some point, and its important to know that when you do there will be somewhere close by to do it, and that the company keeps it clean and functioning for passengers.

5.Try to find out who will be on the bus. Some bus companies will let you know if you will be traveling with seniors, with families (which might mean a lot of screaming kids) or if it will be a full bus. If the bus is loaded up to capacity you might be less comfortable than you would be if it were just half full.

6.Coach is always much more comfortable and usually offer a smoother ride. Try to opt for this, especially if you’re the type who gets queasy on long trips easily.
7.Leg room leg room leg room. Its important top have enough space to stretch during long rides, and if you’re carrying a luggage make sure there are overhead compartments to store it.

8.Does the bus company provide food and beverages? Will it let you eat on the bus? If snacking during a long ride is necessary for your comfort this is something you should really make sure of.

When you have a ways to go, it doesn’t hurt to be over-prepared so that you’ll be able to enjoy the long trip there. Happy travels!