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Dec 6, 2013 - Awe-Inspiring Tour of Artis-Naples - Best Art Museum in Naples FL

Naples, has the second highest proportion of millionaires per capita in the United States and real estate prices is at an all time high. The price of a home in Naples Florida could easily burn a $40 million hole in your pocket.

Naples feature some of the most exclusive, albeit expensive, places and tourist attractions in the country and they include the likes of Keewaydin Club, The Naples Players, Palm Cottage and Naples Depot.

Expect nothing short of classy at Artis-Naples

Located at 5833 Pelican Bay Boulevard, Artis-Naples used to be known simply as Naples Museum of Art. They have expanded to include other exhibits, a Philharmonic orchestra, a Baker Museum and embodies a very special and evolving young education learning programs. This, our guess is as good as yours, was the reason behind the name-change.

Kathleen van Bergen, the CEO and President for Artis-Naples, acknowledges that the center is an outstanding and shining example of how performing and visual arts should be presented to the world.

Hosting a renowned artistic program have always been a part of what Artis-Naples is doing and at the current rate, they attract and host more than 300 different shows, concerts, exhibitions and educational events for students and adults like every year.

Art is the backbone of Naples’ culture

Artis-Naples is not the only art-related landmark because you can find extensive and similar missions being set out by The Naples Players, Opera Naples and the Equity Theatre Companies, Theatre Zone and Gulfshore Playhouse but Artis-Naples is noted as one of the forerunners in the art scene.

Artis-Naples features some of the most astounding halls, including two massive and well-equipped halls, Frances Pew Hayes Hall and Myra J. Daniels Pavillion.

Inspiring and thought-provoking Baker Museum

The Baker Museum aims to inspire and motivate...and this, they inexplicably do effortlessly. Armed with a fiery mission to create hope, inspire creativity and awaken curiosity,

It features a 30,000 square foot museum that houses 15 galleries, thus far, a glass dome conservatory and resource room and more. One might even consider the entrance to the museum an exclusive work of art - considering the fact that the gates were designed by a revolutionary metal artist, Albert Paley. And if you looked up, you will see how the Persian-inspired ceiling created by Dale Chihuly, is yet another thought-provoking masterpiece.

Artis-Naples exemplifies what a true art museum that is dedicated to performing arts, music and creative artistic expression should be about.